Top 10 Best Places to Visit in North Dakota

The best places to Visit in North Dakota are here that won’t let you forget this state even after your vacations are over:

Knife River Indian Villages

Knife River Indian Villages is one of the national historic sites that was incorporated in the year 1974. This site was mostly used for trading and for carrying out agricultural practices. It is believed that Prairie Indian lived in these villages. These villages are being refurbished in order to preserve their culture and make this site, one of the major sites of attractions for tourists who come to visit North Dakota.  Nature surrounds this historical site, so you get a chance to see natural beauty from the closet.

The Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum located in Fargo is an ultimate Museum to see various artifacts, regional works, and cultural arts of the Americans and the Native American who lived during that time. There are some of the permanent exhibits inside the museum that you can see all the year around. There are temporary exhibitions as well that keep changing as per the regional and cultural trend of the state. This Museum has been developed to build a healthy relationship between the artists, visitors, and the art to encourage creativity skills of the visitors and the artists.

Scandinavian Heritage Park

Scandinavian Heritage Park will remind you of Scandinavian countries. This National Heritage Park was incorporated in the year 1988 with a mission to preserve the history of Scandinavian countries for the younger generation. You will find replicas of Churches, and many other artistic creations that would make you go crazy for this park. Once you visit this park, you will pay a visit to it next time you visit North Dakota.  It is believed that this is the only Heritage Park in the world that replicates the Scandinavian countries.

Fort Mandan Overlook

Fort Mandan Overlook is one of the national historic sites that get its name from the Fort Mandan. Lewis and Clark incorporated their headquarter at Fort Mandan. This historical site, Fort Mandan Overlooks their headquarter and hence the name. This Triangular fort provided housing to the explorers and the Indian inhabitants who came here for getting protection and exchanging their culture. Today, visitors pay a visit to this place to learn about the history of Fort Mandan and enjoy activities that are active round the year.

North Dakota Heritage Center

If you want to go deeper into the history of North Dakota residents, then you must visit this heritage center that preserves the history of North Dakota and also showcase historical artifacts. You will find everything here, artifacts from prehistoric times to modern times. A single day spent at this place would be worth the money you paid for it. This center has been renovated to attract a major portion of tourists who come to see North Dakota. There are galleries of the Museum that will keep you entertained throughout the day.

National Buffalo Museum

This Museum showcases the history, and the relevance of American Buffalo called Bison, various artifacts, and live herds, and many more things can be seen here. This National Museum is widely spread in the area of over 600sq.ft and is a home to American Buffalos’. Although designed specifically for the bison, this Museums gives you a glimpse of the firearms that were used by the bison hunters who lived here in the 19th century. A herd of live bison is maintained by the Foundation of North Dakota State, and this foundation has proudly given shelter to over 30 animals here.

Chateau De Mores Site

Chateau De Mores was the home to Marquis De Mores, a French entrepreneur. He brought this site and started living with his family in the year 1893. This site is best visited by the tourists who want to learn about the history and the daily lifestyle of Marquis De Mores. When you visit this site, you may find some of the original artifacts as well. His home has become a Museum now that comes under the Chateau De Mores State Historical site. Tourists can visit this Museum and seek the help of the guides if required.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park has been named after the President Theodore Roosevelt who came to this place to find bison in the year 1883. The major sites of attractions of this National Park are the three wildlife areas that give you exposure to some of the well-known wild animals like deer, horses, dogs, etc. This Park is widely spread in the area of over 70,446 acres of land and has become one of the major spots for tourists who come to visit North Dakota during their vacations.

Maah Daah Hey Trail

Maah Daah Hey Trail is the 232-Kms long trail that connects northern and the southern units of the TR(Theodore Roosevelt) National Park. This trail is perfect for tourists who want to go for hiking and riding on the back of the horse on a single trail. No motor-vehicles are allowed in this area. Being a single trail, this Maah Daah Hey trail gives an ultimate view of the natural sceneries that come along the way to the North and south units of the national park. The symbol of this trail is a turtle that represents the patience and the determination of the tourists to cover up their journey.

International Peace Garden

The name of this place itself is very relaxing. International Peace Garden is one of the best places of attractions for the people who are fed up of their routine and seeking peaceful atmosphere in their lives. This Garden is more than 80 years old, and it has maintained to deliver peaceful ambiance to every tourist who comes to relax and refresh. This Garden incorporated in the year 1932 is located on the borders of the US and Canada, so it acts as a reminder of peace between the two nations as well.

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