Top 10 Places to Visit in Nevada

Nevada is one of the primary states of attractions for tourists who come to spend full-filled vacations with their kids and family members. There are several unique sites of attractions that can be easily reached within a few hours of time. Top 10 places that you must visit in Nevada are listed below:

Fremont Street Experience Mall, Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience is one of the greatest Malls of Las Vegas that is a home to many of the entertainment activities. The main center of attraction of this mall is the Viva Screen. This is the largest Video screen when compared to another video screen across the globe. This Mall offers free shows every night in order to grab the visitor’s attention at the first instance. You can watch these shows for free. Not only this, you can visit many other attractive sites from this mall like casinos, shopping shops, restaurant, and much more. You can spend your entire day without getting bored for a single minute.

Hoover Dam, Clark County

You must have heard about this dam but not seen its natural beauty from the closet. When you are planning to spend your vacations in Nevada, do not forget to include this dam in your travel package. This dam is (height x width) 726ft x 1,244ft with base thickness of over 660ft. This is one of the huge dams that can be easily seen in the United States. This Dam was built by the hard work and the efforts of over 22,000 people who worked day and night to complete it in 5 years’ time. If you want to capture your memories of Nevada, do not forget to click your pictures at such an amazing place.

Las Vegas City, Nevada

Las Vegas is a beautiful city that doesn’t need any introduction. If you are new to this place, don’t worry; here we shall discuss some of the major sites of attractions of this city that would surely make your days at Las Vegas city, one of the best days of your life. The main highlight of this town is Las Vegas Strip. This strip is one of the most demanding destinations that tourists often include in their travel packages. If you want to enjoy nightlife to its heights, you must visit this city and spend an excellent time with yourself. Some casinos are open 24-hours to refresh visitors from everyday stress and fatigue.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservational Area, Clark County

This Red Rock Canyon National Conservational Area is located in the western Las Vegas and is at a distance of over 24 Km from Las Vegas. You might have heard about the Las Vegas Strip. This National Conservation Area can be easily seen from the strip. You will be surprised to know that this area is one of the most visited areas by Tourist and over 2 million tourists visit this Conservation area on an annual basis. On visiting this area, you can involve yourself in outdoor activities like riding on the back of a horse, biking, picnicking, rock climbing, and many other recreational activities that will surely make your day.

Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas

This Floyd Lamb Park might sound a bit different from another place, but it is one of the major places that tourists love to explore. This park is widely spread in the area of over 1,040 acres of land and offers a multitude of recreational activities like picnicking, barbequing, riding on the back of the horse, and much more. There are fishing ponds as well, but you need to have a Nevada fishing pond license to catch a maximum of 3 fish only.

National Auto Museum, Reno

This National Auto Museum was incorporated in the year 1989. It is located in Reno. If you want to explore the Automobile world from the closet, then you must visit this Museum. This one-stop Automobile Museum showcases cars and other Automobile units that were available in the 19th century. You can see traditional to modern cars in four car galleries that are maintained by this Museum. There are over 200 different cars that you can see here. You will be surprised to know that this Museum is one of the largest Automobile Museums of the United States.

Tahoe Lake, Sierra

Tahoe Lake is situated in Sierra. This is one of the largest and the oldest freshwater lakes in the Nevada. This lake is over 2million years old. When you enter this lake, you will find freshwater and beautiful mountains surrounding this lake to enhance its beauty. You can involve yourself in various outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, skiing, boating, and much more. This lake is located on the border of the Nevada and California and hence is the major sites of attractions of both of these states.

Great Basin National Park, White Pine County

This Great Basin National Park is one of the renowned National Parks located in the United States. You will find lots of fantastic sites of attractions when you reach this park. You will get a chance to see caves, beautiful rock arts, and many more entertaining things. You can go for outdoor fun as well. Call up your friends and family members and have fun-filled vacations at Great Basin National Park. You can plan to go for hiking and embrace the natural beauty of this park without any hassle. You may visit Visitor Centers to see the exhibition and know more about the history of this place.

Ruby Mountain, Nevada

If you dare to go on an adventurous trip to Nevada State, then this place is a perfect place for you. You will not get much access to the road as the area is limited and is surrounded by most of the mountainous regions. You will get lots of opportunities to involve yourself in outdoor fun and entertainment. You can go for hiking, mountain biking, riding on the back of the horse, and much more. All of these activities you’re your dedication to reach the top of this mountain. When traveling to Ruby Mountain, hold your breath tight and live every moment.

Lake Mead NRA, South-East Nevada

Mead Lake National Recreational Area is one of the recognized recreational areas of the United States. If you are a nature lover and want to have fun playing outdoor activities, then this area is a perfect place for you. You can have endless fun with water sports. Go for hiking, picnicking, riding on horseback, wild life viewing, and many more exciting activities that will drive you to go crazy for this place.  You can plan to visit this place for one whole day. Involve yourself in kayaking, canoeing, scuba-diving, skiing, etc. like activities that will refresh you from tensions that were otherwise occupying your mind unnecessarily.

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