Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nebraska

Nebraska is one of the spectacular States out of the other 49 states of the United States.  This place is full of natural sites of attractions, historical places, landmarks, and many other places that will drive you to go crazy for this state. Let us look at the top 10 places to visit in Nebraska:

Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Morrill County

Chimney Rock National Historic site is one of the famous historical sites of the United States that is best known for the rock formations that rise to a height of over 480ft. This place is more than 20 million years old. Despite the fact, it still looks the same. When you visit this place, you won’t be able to stop yourself from thinking why pioneers stayed here in the 19th century? There is a visitor center near this historical site that will educate you about the history and the geography of this giant rock formation.

Indian Cave State Park, County Park

Indian Cave State Park is well-known for a large sand cave. This Park is widely spread in the area of over 3,052 acres. You can go for picnicking with your friends and family members. This park gives you ample of space to enjoy hiking, biking, and many other outdoor sports. There are over hundreds of trees, small plants, and wild life animals that would keep you busy throughout the day. There are many more places that you can visit from Indian Cave state park including Brownville & Verdon SRA. This is one of the scenic parks that will give you multiple options to click your pictures with a nice background.

Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Omaha

Zoo and Aquarium are perhaps one of the most exciting places that people of all ages love to visit. Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is a one-stop destination for people who come to have splendid vacations with their friends and family members. This place is widely spread in the area of over 130 acres of land out of which 7 acres of land have been utilized in outdoor exhibitions. All exhibitions are planned to educate tourist about the plants and animals inside the zoo. You can see different species of fishes at the Aquarium as well. This Zoo & Aquarium has a 3D theatre that shows back to back movies to the visitors so that they don’t feel bored here.

Columbus City, Nebraska

This city offers many sites of attractions including historical places and some of the popular adventurous places that will make your trip to Nebraska, one of the remarkable journeys of your life. You can involve yourself in outdoor activities like cycling, jogging, walking through themed parks as well. This city organizes photo content on an annual basis. Whether you are just a beginner or a professional photographer, you can take part in this contest and try your luck as a contestant. You can visit Agricultural Park, Museums, and many other historical places from Columbus city without any hassle. Visitors get ample of opportunities to have fun-filled vacations when they reach this city.

Haymarket District, Lincoln

If you are fond of shopping, eating delicious food at restaurants, enjoying nightlife to the fullest, then this place is a must to visit place for you. This is one of the historical places that get its name from the square market that was famous for buying and selling hay in the year 1867. It was in the year 1874; the place was renamed as the Haymarket. When you visit this place, you will feel mesmerized by the lively atmosphere that will refresh you from your stress and tensions. Although not a crowdy place you mustn’t visit this place when it hosts local games.

McConaughy Lake, Keith County

Want to take a long walk to explore the natural beauty and enjoy nightlife? If yes, Visit this lake located in Keith County. This is one of the perfect places for people who come to travel to Nebraska to get relief from the hectic work schedule. This is one of the largest lakes in Nebraska that would keep you entertained throughout the day. If you want to spend some relaxing time with your kids, visit this place to have endless fun and adventure with your kids and family members. This place won’t let you get bored for a single minute.

Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, Ashland

As the name of this Museum suggests, this Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum located in Ashland is a home to nuclear missiles and aircraft that are used by the United States forces. The main aim of incorporating this museum is to preserve the military culture, aircraft, missiles, and to educate people about the aerospace world. The officials at this Museum continuously make efforts to preserve and display the Strategic Air command artifacts in a better way. They have partnered with the University of Nebraska in order to educate students more about the SAC artifacts.

Ponca State Park, Dixon County

Ponca State Park is one of the exciting places where you will enjoy endless outdoor activities and explore the life of wild animals from the closet. This state park will give you one of the best experiences of your life.  This park is widely spread in the area of over 1400 acres of land. You can go for camping with your friends and family members. This park gives you accommodation facility in case you want to stay overnight. There are mountain biking trails that offer tourists one of the thrilling experiences in Nebraska.

Grand Island City, Nebraska

Grand Island city hosts several events on a seasonal basis. You can visit this city during the seasonal time to enjoy recreational activities to the fullest. There is a water park called Grand Island Oasis Water Park for splash pool activities. If you want to go deeper into the history of this place, you can visit Stuhr Museum and have a glimpse of how this city emerged as a wonderful city of the Nebraska state. There are indoor and outdoor activities that give you a chance to explore this city in both the summer and the winter season. There are theaters, galleries, music concert halls, and many more arts and entertainment stuff that will surely make your day.

Norfolk City, Nebraska

Although a small town but has several major sites of attractions that won’t allow you to take your eyes off this beautiful city. You can involve yourself in various outdoor activities like kayaking, biking, canoeing, etc. You must visit some of the renowned places of this town including Cowboy Trail, DeGroots Orchards, Klown Doll Museum, Norfolk Art Center, and much more. You can visit these sites to know more about the local culture of the people living here. You can take your kids to the Waterpark and have fun throughout the day.

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