Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Montana

Montana, one of the best places for people who love to spend their vacations close to nature. It is one of the best states in the United States that will refresh you from your stressful everyday routine. Let us look at Top 10 places to visit in Montana.

Big Sky, South-west Montana

If you are going to Montana in the winter season, you must plan to visit Big Sky. It is one of the best places to enjoy water sports. You can go for skiing. Just visit this place to have endless fun and adventure. This area is considered as one of the biggest skiing areas in America. Although a small town but this place will give you multitude of opportunities to have complete fun with your family and friends. You get a chance to explore the wild animals, wild flowers, and many other interesting things. You can go for hiking with your friends.

Little Bighorn Battlefield, Big Horn County

As the name of this place suggests, Little Bighorn Battlefield will take you closer to the memories of the Little Bighorn battle that took place in the year 1876. This battle was fought between the United States forces and the Indians, Sioux, and Cheyenne. Initially, this place was known by the name of Custer Battlefield, but soon, George H.W. Bush, the President of the state renamed it in the year 1991. This is a perfect place to remember people who took part in the battle. This place displays Indians who fought during the war and lost their lives. You can also see a documentary film of over 17-minutes at the visitor Center.

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone

Do you want to see a bear or a wolf closely? If yes, you are here at the right place. You must visit this place to see how Wolf and bear move around. This Discovery Center for Grizzly bear and the Wolf showcases bear and wolf in their habitat. If you want to learn about the history of bears and wolf, visit this Center and get detailed information about their history. Their behaviors and know about the reason to why their population is declining day by day. You can see how bears play with other bears in the pond, How they fight with one another for food and listen to loud voices of the pack of a wolf while hunting.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the famous national parks located in Montana. This Park is widely spread in the area of over 1 million acres of land. On entering this park, you will see mountain ranges, lots of lakes, and thousands of species of flora and fauna. This park is a protected area and educates travelers about conserving the wildlife of the state. There are waterfalls inside the park that allows you to have complete fun and adventure during your visit to this park. One of the best parts of visiting this place is taking a route to the Going to the Sun road. This road is one of the highlights of this park that would drive you to go crazy for it.

Montana Historical Society Museum, Helena

As the name of this place suggests, this Montana Historical Society Museum will take you closer to the history of the state. This Museum was built in the year 1865 and is one of the oldest museums that has managed to preserve the rich history of the state without any hassle. This Historical Museum is widely spread in the area of over 2000 sq.ft and has preserved books, manuscripts, administrative documents, and many other files related to the rich past of Montana. These documents and files are readily available to the public and the visitors as well.

Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman

Museum of the Rockies is a part of Montana Educational University that operates at the college level. This University is an affiliated university from Smithsonian. It is one of the historical and the educational places where you can see fossils of dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs as well. There are several temporary and several permanent exhibitions that are managed by the University of Montana in order to grab the attention of tourists who visit here. You can watch planetarium shows, educations shows; take part in events that are organized by the Museum of the Rockies. This Museum is a perfect place for visitors to want to explore the life of dinosaurs from the closet.

Montana Angler Fly Fishing, Gallatin County

This is a must to visit place for people who love to do fishing on trout waters. Montana Angler Fly Fishing area offers fishing guides to assist tourists while fishing. There are fishing experts that will guide you to reach most exotic areas of fishing. You can spend your entire day here. It is one of the best places that shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. You can enjoy your fishing vacations with your friends and family members. This place will make your trip to Montana, the most memorable one.

Flathead Freshwater Lake, Montana

Flathead Fresh Water Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes when it comes to comparing it other fresh water lakes in term of the surface area occupied by them. Freshwater makes this place a perfect place for fishing and enjoying outdoor sports. You can go for picnicking, camping, and many other recreational activities with your friends and family members. If you are looking for some beautiful place to visit in Montana, then Flathead lake is one of the best places for you.

World Museum of Mining, Butte

This Museum of Mining will show you how difficult the life of Miners is in Montana. Most of the mining history has been neglected by the Americans so the Museum was incorporated to remember and preserve the efforts of miners. This Museum is widely spread in the area of over 22 acres of land. On entering this Museum, you will get a chance to see how miners lived during that time. You will feel amazed and right after visiting this place.

McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

This 10-miles McDonald Lake is one of the major sites of attractions of the Glacier National Park in Montana. If you are looking for some stunning places to visit in Montana, then this place is meant for you. You can go for hiking, picnicking, sightseeing, and many more recreational activities with your friends to enjoy your day to the fullest. This is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your family. Visit this lake to see wild animals including big horn sheep, black bear, mountain goats, and many other wild animals. This place is a home to several strange species that would leave you stunned once you watch them.  You might have heard of Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park; the same road runs parallel to this lake.

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