Top 10 Places to Visit in Mississippi

Mississippi, one of the most visited states of the United States has some of best places of attractions that will make your vacations, the most memorable one. Let us look at Top 10 places of attractions to visit in Mississippi that will drive you to go crazy for this state.

Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi

If you want to know more about the history of the Americans who lived over 10,000 years ago, then this place is a perfect place for you. This Natchez Trace Parkway takes you closer to the rich history of Americans who lived in that era. You can also involve yourself in various recreational activities like hiking, riding on horseback, biking, camping, and much more. Natchez Trace Parkway resembles old Natchez track that was used by the Americans, traders, and future presidents. This is a 444-mile track that will give you multitude of opportunities to have fun-filled vacations. You cannot enter this Parkway from any usual point of the road. There are only 50 access points that only cross through the Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee states. So, better take a safe road to the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Gulf Islands Waterpark, Gulfport

One of the amazing places to take your kids and your family in Mississippi is Gulf Islands Waterpark. This Waterpark is one of the preferred destinations of people who are traveling to Mississippi with kids and their family. You will have complete fun and enjoyment. There are rides, water activities, splash pools, roller coaster rides, and many more things that would drive you to go crazy for this place. You just need to buy tickets or season passes to visit this place and have all-time fun. This place won’t let you get bored, and you can spend your one day here.

National Battlefield, Tupelo

As the name of this location, it will remind you of the battle that took place in the year 1864. Tupelo National Battlefield depicts the victory of American Union over the Confederate forces. This Battle was fought to safeguard the supply lines that belonged to the Sherman.  During this war, Confederate forces were highly disorganized. Despite that, Union forces managed to win the battle. It was although quite difficult to understand won the battle but the Union forces still managed to protect the Sherman’’ supply lines.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson

Mississippi Museum is the largest Museum located in the state of Mississippi. This Museum is managed by a non-profit foundation of Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. This 73,000 ft Museum gives you a plethora of opportunities to explore flora and fauna, aquatic species, and many more entertaining species.  When planning to spend your vacations in Mississippi, do not forget to include this place in your travel package. It is one of the best places that your kids will love the most. Your children will learn some good manners to handle aquatic life and to conserve the living things that exist on our planet Earth.

Jackson Zoo, Jackson

Jackson Zoo is a perfect destination for people who are fond of watching animals and their wildlife. There are over 776 animals in this zoo and that too of different species. So, you get ample of opportunities to see different types of animals in this Jackson Zoo. Bring your kids along and show them different animals that are living around. This Zoo is over 900 years old and has become one of the major sites of attractions for tourists who are visiting here to have fun. On your visit to this park, you will be surprised to know that you are visiting the second largest park in the Mississippi state.

Gulf Coast Beach, Mississippi

If you are tired of your hectic work schedule and want to spend some peaceful time with your family, do not forget to visit Gulf Coast Beach. Just remove your shoes and enter this sandy beach with great fun and excitement. This place will give you complete refreshment. This beach is a must to visit the beach, especially in summer season. If you love to see birds from the closet, this place is a perfect place for you. Watch birds’ life and try to form a human bonding with them. Many more events keep on running here so you can involve yourself in other activities as well.

Vicksburg National Military Park, Warren County

You might get an idea about this place by its name” Vicksburg National Military Park.” It is one of the historical sites of the Unites states that have become one of the major spots for the tourists who visit Mississippi to have all-time fun and entertainment. This park will remind you of the Battle of Vicksburg that took place in the year 1863. If you love to explore the brave history of Americans who fought during the war, visit this place. This park is open for public viewing. You may not get a chance to enter the park on some special days like Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day, and many more days.

Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Noxubee County

One of the best places that shouldn’t be skipped at any cost in Mississippi is Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge.  On visiting this place, you will find a multitude of species, natural forests, lakes, and many more attractive things to remember. This site gives you some of the best graphic scenes that you won’t be able to stop yourself from capturing in your camera.  You will feel mesmerized by the natural beauty of this place. Explore a different variety of wild animals and learn about their life at this Noxubee National Wildlife area.

Windsor Ruins, Claiborne County

Windsor Ruins holds 23 largest columns that were built as a part of the antebellum Greek revival mansion. The mansion lasted for some 30 years, and it was in the year 1890 when it was destructed due to heavy fire. It was after the massive destruction; this site was registered as one of the national historical places of the United States in the year 1971. Soon, it got worldwide recognition as the national landmarks of the state in the year 1985. Not only the large columns but this place will take your breath away by its natural beauty as well. At first sight, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this historical place.

Cinderella House, Cotton District Starkville

Then comes the coolest place in Mississippi, Cinderella House located in the Cotton District of the Starkville.  Most of us have grown up listening to the famous fairy tale of the Honest yet poor Girl called Cinderella. If you ever visit Mississippi State, do not forget to visit the Cinderella house.  This place will take you close to your childhood days when you used to listen to the heart-taking stories of Cinderella. So, visit this place to see how magnificently the poor girl lived her life.

Above are the Top 10 places to be visited in Mississippi when you plan to travel to one of the popular states of the United States. Hopefully, all of these sites give you one of the best traveling experiences of your life.

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