Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the finest states out of the other 49 states of the United States. It is one of the most spectacular states that give your family endless entertainment and fun.

If you are new to this state and have no idea about the best places to visit while traveling for the first time, don’t worry; we have compiled the list of Top 10 places that you must visit in Minnesota.

Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth

Aerial Lift Bridge is one of the major sites of attractions in Minnesota. It is one of the most visited places by the tourists who come to visit Minnesota.  If you want to click some of the beautiful pictures of your family and kids, then this a perfect place for you. Capture your moments and tease your friends by showing some of the mesmerizing images that would encourage them to visit this place on their next trip.

BWCAW, North-east Minnesota

The Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness is located in a North-eastern part of the Minnesota state. This is a natural area that comes under the management of the Natural Forest service of the state. This Area is widely spread in the area of over 1 million acres. You can visit this place during any month of the year. This place will relax you and give you a stress-free time. You can involve yourself in various exciting sports like dog sledding, ice fishing, skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, kayaking, and much more. All visitors to Minnesota traveling for the first time visit this place to explore the real fun.

Combo Park Zoo & Conservatory, Saint Paul

To get detailed information about flora and fauna of the country, this place is a perfect source for you. Located in Saint Paul, Combo Park Zoo & Conservatory is a home to several plants, animals, and other living things that exist on our planet Earth. This area makes sure the life of the plants and animals living here are conserved. This Combo Park Zoo & Conservatory inspires visitors to take care of the living things around them. On visiting here, you will get knowledge about the plants and animals and the conservatory techniques that must be used to preserve flora and fauna of the state. You feel a bond between you and the plants and animals living here.

North Shore Scenic Drive along the Superior Lake

As the name of this place, North Shire scenic Drive, it is a must to visit place for people who love to drive and enjoy the natural beauty of the state. The best thing about visiting this place is it takes you along the fresh water lake called Superior Lake. So, your drive along the freshwater lake will take you closer to the purest form of drive. You will get a chance to see almost everything along your way. Have a beautiful view of the sceneries that come along your way to the freshwater lake, Watch Mountains, and see the real greenery of the place. Immerse yourself in the natural greenery and the beauty of this place by visiting here.

Split Rock Lighthouse, North of Superior Lake

Split Rock Lighthouse is located inside the Split Rock State park to the north of the Superior, freshwater Lake. Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the famous lighthouses, most visited by the tourists who love to take their amazing pictures with a unique backdrop. This Lighthouse was incorporated by the Lighthouse service department of the United States in the year 1912. You can go for hiking, skiing, and cycling inside the state park to have full-time fun with your friends and family members. You can visit Superior Lake from the state park. This lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States.

International Wolf Center, St. Louis County

As the name of this center, this International Center gives priority to the Wolf and saves their population across the country.  This center is a kind of educational center where visitors and the students are given information about the importance of wolf, their population, and their bonding with humans in the country. The main aim of this Center is to preserve the existing population of the wolf by giving quality education to the humans.  We understand that the education merely will not protect wolf in the country, but it will bring a change for the betterment in the survival rate of the wolf.

The Mall of America, Bloomington

This place doesn’t need much of the introduction. It is one of the best places of attractions that shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. This Mall of America located in Bloomington gives you all-time shopping experience, real-fun, and entertainment without any flaws. A perfect place for shopping lovers. You can find almost all brands here. On visiting here, you may get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity. Most of the celebrities who come to Minnesota visit Mall of America.  Your kids will love to spend their day involving themselves in the adventures that will drive them to go crazy for this place. So, you must visit this place to have a glimpse of the real beauty of the state.

Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis

This Minnehaha Park is located on the banks of the Mississippi river. It is best known for Minnehaha waterfalls. You can go for hiking, picnic, trailing, and many other sports activities. There are many more waterfalls that are worth visiting when you enter Minnehaha Park. This is a must to visit the place for you if you love waterfalls. This park attracts more than eight lakhs tourist on an annual basis.

Voyageur National Park, North Minnesota

It is one of the famous National Parks of the United States. Visit this Park to feel how Voyageur loved? You will get a chance to touch the rocks that are almost half the years old as the world itself. Beautiful sites, amazing forests, and water routes will take you breathe away. This is one of the must-to-visit places that must be visited to see How Minnesota has managed to retain some of the best places in the state? Some volunteers maintain this park and help visitors to explore its natural beauty. These volunteers do not work for the profit gain but to provide quality service to the visitors.

Munsinger Clemens Garden, St Cloud

Plant lovers, this is a perfect place for you. Visit Munsinger Clemens Garden to explore the real beauty of botanical gardens with plants labeled with their botanical names. This garden is one of the treasures of the St. Cloud that will unfold many beautiful paths in front of you. Visit this garden during summers to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. When talking about plants, this garden has a plethora of plants. You can find over 80,000 different plants over here. So, isn’t it a right place for you?

Above are the top 10 places to visit in Minnesota. Hopefully, you will through the brief information given by us and include these places while traveling for the first time to Minnesota State of the United States.

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