Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland

Maryland, one of the beautiful states where you can spend marvelous time with your friends and family members.  This state has some of the major sites of attractions that would surely make your trip, one of the best trips of your life.

If you are looking for a fun-packed vacation, don’t worry; this state will give you plenty of options to enjoy and have a lovely time. Let us now look at Top 10 places to visit in Maryland State.

Assateague State Park, Assateague Island

Assateague State Park is situated on the Assateague Island. To visit this park, you will have to cross the Verrazano Bridge. Several activities in this park can keep you busy for the whole of the day. There are activities like camping, picnicking, hiking, and many more that would drive you to go crazy for this place. On visiting this park, you will get a chance to see wildlife animals including deer, horses, and waterfowl. There are over 350 camping sites where you can go for camping. Some volunteers are ready to offer services to this park without any interest of earning profits from the services. Their services are for a social cause.

Brookside Gardens, Montgomery County

One of the beautiful gardens located in Montgomery County is widely spread in the area of over 50 acres of land. When visiting Wheaton Regional Park, you will find Brookside Gardens inside it. This garden is a perfect place for capturing beautiful pictures with a nice backdrop. You can visit Children’s garden from here. This garden will give your kids, multiple options to explore. Brookside Garden is famous for the conservatory areas that are open for public visiting at any time. So, come and visit this garden to have a full-time entertainment with your kids and other family members.

Deep Creek Lake, Oakland

The best thing about this lake is the fresh water that makes it unique for the visitors. This lake is the fresh water lake that was built by the highly-skilled engineers to produce hydro-electric power from the water. This lake gets water from several rivers that help builders to maintain the clear water level throughout the year. Since the engineers built it, we can say that it is the human-made lake located in Maryland. There is a state park that offers various activities for the tourists like hiking, swimming, fishing, and much more.

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Inner Harbor is one of the best and the must to visiting a place when spending your vacations in Maryland. This Harbor is loaded with fun-filled activities that would make your day. You can visit many other attractive places from here like Science Centre, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, National Aquarium and much more. There are lots of restaurants where you can have the food of your choice. You can go for shopping and shop for some beautiful gifts for your family. The best part of visiting this place is the water taxi that will take you from the harbor to the nearby areas. You can join a cruise to learn about the rich history of this port.

Fort McHenry Fort, Baltimore

This Fort McHenry Fort shares rich history from the time of war that took place in the year 1812. You will be amazed to see the star-shaped Fort McHenry that has become one of the major sites of attractions due to its design and historical importance. This fort is best known for defending the harbor at the time of war 1812 when the British navy attacked it. If you want to learn more about the history of the state, then this place is a must to visit for you. On visiting here, you will gain sufficient knowledge about the war that took place in the year 1812.

Rocks State Park, Harford County

Rocks State Park located in Harford County is widely spread in the area of over 855 acres. This park lets you visit forests and have an adventurous time with your family. There are several picnic spots where you can relax and play. You can go for hiking. You can visit Deep Creek Lake from here as well. This is one of the largest state parks that were built to protect the natural beauty of this place. The best time to visit this state park is in the summer season when you can enjoy the waterfalls to the fullest. When visiting this park, do not forget to visit the Kind & Queen seat that is situated at the height of almost 150ft from the Deep Creek Lake.

Strathmore, North Bethesda

One of the historical places for Music Lovers is here, Strathmore. Yes, you read it right. It is one of the famous Musical centers located in North Bethesda. This Musical Center was incorporated in the year 2005. It is spacious and can organize musical events for tourists with different moods and interests. You can easily get information about the musical events that will be organized from the website of the Strathmore. So, visit this Musical Center to experience one of the best refreshing days of your life.

Six Flags America Park, Georgia County

Just like the exciting name of this place, it is equally impressive. It is a theme-based park that will entertain your kids, your friends, and other family members equally. This park has been designed to entertain people of all ages. You can send your kids for the kids’ rides and enjoy yourself with the family rides. There is a musical event that won’t let you get bored. You will also find a water park inside this theme park. Enter this park with your loving couple and have a romantic time with your partner. If you are looking for full-family fun, do not forget to visit this place.

Ocean City, Worchester County

Ocean City is one of the favorite destinations of people who want to spend their vacations with full zest. The best time to visit this place is the summer season. Baltimore being the first, Ocean City occupies the second position when it comes to checking its popularity amongst the tourists who visit the Maryland state during the summer season. This is an entire family fun place that offers fantastic opportunities for skateboarding, horseback riding, jet skiing, camping, biking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, water touring, sightseeing, and much more.  You just have to reach this place once, and it will overload you with the fun and exciting things to do.

Thomas Stone National Historic

One of the unique historical sites of Maryland that have been named after one of the brave freedom fighters who proudly signed the Independence declaration document. Mr. Thomas Stone is the person we are talking about here. He was just like any other usual American before he signed this document. His life changed after the war of Independence. He owned this historic site along with many other locations.

Above are the top 10 places to visit in Maryland. When booking your travel package, do not forget to include these places to have an enjoyable time at Maryland.

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