Top 10 Places to Visit in Maine

Here are top 10 places to visit in Maine that you must visit to have a wonderful trip with your family members or friends.

Acadia National Park

This Acadia National Park is a perfect place for nature lovers. There are beautiful landscapes that cover most of the areas of this park. Do you know, this is the only National Park in the whole of the New England? On visiting this park, you will get ample of opportunities like hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and much more. This park has some of the best sites of attractions that keep a visitor engaged throughout the day. You can take Park Loop Road from this park to enjoy beautiful sceneries of nature on the way. If you are visiting this place in the summer season, you can enjoy swimming and sunbath on the lakes.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a small town giving shelter to over 6000 people on the Mount Desert Island.  This island captured fire in the year 1947, and there was enormous destruction in the isle. It was since then the popularity of the Bar Harbor increased spontaneously. Soon, it started becoming one of the preferred spots for tourists while traveling to Maine. When you enter this place, there are several activities that you can involve yourself in like go for shopping for your friends and family members, visit boutiques, and high-quality galleries. There are restaurants to offer delicious food to you.

Baxter State Park

It is one of the preferred destinations for visitors who love to play outdoor activities. You can go for hiking, kayaking, swimming, overnight camping, and many other refreshing sports.  On reaching this park, you will get a chance to see a black bear, white-tailed deer, and moose.  If you love bird watching then must visit this place to see different species of birds like eagles, owls, hawks, warblers, and much more. This park has been named after the governor of the state Percival P. Baxter who served here for four years from 1921 to 1924. He initially purchased 6000 acres of land in the year 1930, and it was since then the Baxter Park has expanded its horizon and its land base to over 210,000 acres.

Camden Hills State Park

This Camden Hills State Park is famous for Mount Battie peak. This peak is best known for showing visitors some of the popular areas that surround this mountain. After you have seen the vicinity of the Mount Battie peak, you can move forward to watching a whale. There are many other places that you can easily visit this Park like Moose Point Island Park, Warren Island Park, and much more.  This State park is a perfect place of refreshment especially for the people who visit Maine State for complete relaxation and peace of mind.

Marginal Way

Marginal Way located in Ogunquit is one of the finest walkways that mustn’t be missed at any cost.  This is a perfect place for tourists who want to enjoy the spectacular view of the incredible coastline. The beauty of this place is worth mentioning when it comes to praising the place.  You can take a long way on the Marginal Way and enjoy natural beauty and sceneries that come in your way. The construction of this place initially started in the year 1920 and was completed by the end of the year 1990. Do you know this place is so famous that over 100,000 tourists walk on this Marginal Way every year?

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit is a small yet beautiful village that is mainly famous as a fishing village. Ogunquit Beach is a perfect place, especially in the summer season. When the temperature level is at its peak, book your trip to Ogunquit beach and have a lovely time with your family.  There are art galleries, museums, restaurants, and many more refreshing things around the beach that won’t let you get bored throughout the day.  If you want to see the small fishing village from the beach, you can go there by walking or by taking a trolley that will take you to the town.

Old Orchard Beach

This old orchard beach located in York County has much to offer to the tourists. Not only is the place famous for the sandy beach but you will also get a chance to enjoy shopping, and be a part of festivals that are celebrated with zest. The main highlight of visiting this beach is the 500ft walkway all made from wood. This wooden walkway is known by the name called “The Pier.” This walkway gives ample of opportunities to shop and buy the best gifts for your loved ones. You can have great food at restaurants. Some nightclubs will make you a chance to enjoy the nightlife of this place.


When you go to the south of the state, you will visit Portland, one of the major places that must be visited experience the real fun and excitement of your trip. This is a beautiful city that is full of attractive sites including Portland Head Lighthouse, cobblestone streets, and a variety of shops, galleries, and boutiques. You must not forget to visit Casco Bay and the islands surrounding this place.  This Portland city is to the south of the state and thus a kind of seaport. You can enjoy water sports, take boat tours, and go for fishing without any hassle.


Rockland is a coastal town in the Maine state of the United States. This city is also called “The Lobster Capital of the World” because Lobster catching is the main profession of people living here and it is the primary source of earning as well. If you want to see how people living here celebrate festivals, then visit Rockland at the time of Maine Lobster Festival, North Atlantic Blue Festival, and another occasional festival. There are high-quality restaurants with fine dining for the tourists. You can order your favorite food to quench your hunger.


This Sugarloaf is one of the largest Ski Resorts located on the western side of the Maine state. If you love skiing, then this place is a must to visit place for you. Several restaurants will give you delicious food. You can enjoy doing activities like playing golf, hiking, biking, and much more.

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