Top 10 Places to Visit in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the big states of the United States that is well-known to the people with its names like “Bayou State,” “Creole State,” “Sportsman’s Paradise,” “Pelican State,” and “Sugar State.” This place is famous for beautiful sites of attractions.

If you are new to Louisiana State and want to visit some of the best locations in this state, then we will help you to make your travel the most memorable one. We are here on the list of Top 10 places to visit in Louisiana.

Atchafalaya Basin

Atchafalaya Basin is one of the largest swamps that you can see in the United States. Believe us; you won’t find any swamp like this in the whole of the United States. This place has a balanced ecosystem and all thanks to the wetlands and the delta system that has helped this place to maintain the ecological regime of the state. On visiting this site, you can go to Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge to see a variety of alligators and migratory birds. This Atchafalaya basin is spread 140 miles to the south. You can find crawfish in abundance here. Each year this place supplies over 22 million pounds of the fish.

Avery Island

This is one of the famous islands well-known amongst the people as the birthplace of great Tabasco sauce. This island has a small number of the population of humans who have been living here for years. This island is a home for that section of the human population. This Island is a salt dome that was covered with animals before researchers discovered it. The main sites of attractions on this island include a visitor center, pepper sauce factory, and much more. Not only this place is a famous birthplace of Tabasco sauce, but it has many other areas of attractions associated with it.  It has a bird sanctuary called Bird City.  You can see a vivid range of migrating birds here. Usually, the nesting season of birds starts from the month of February, so they prefer to stay on this island till winter comes.

Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge

This Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Center is located in New Orleans. It is the biggest wildlife refuge center of the United States. If you love to see how conservation is maintained at the wildlife refuge centers, you must visit this place. The best thing about this refugee center is that it contains a bird rookery, alligators. In addition, sometimes bald eagles and brown pelicans can be seen as well. This Refugee is widespread in the area of over 24,000 acres, so many people who visit New Orleans do not even realize that they have entered this refugee site.

New Orleans

New Orleans, one of the best places in Louisiana that mustn’t be skipped at any cost. This place is famous for showing some of the major sites of attractions including Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge that we just described above. This place called New Orleans is well-known for celebrating Christmas with total The best time to visit New Orleans is at the time of the Christmas season. In New Orleans, you may not see the snow like other parts of the United States. Despite that, it is one of the best places to visit during Christmas time. This place follows some of the traditions during this festive season like people enjoy Reveillon. Reveillon is a mean inspired by the tradition of French culture that means ‘awakening.’

Mississippi River

Mississippi is one of the largest rivers in the world. There are tens or hundreds of bridges that originates from this river from the starting point to the mouth of Gulf of Mexico. This River starts from Minnesota, and the bridges continue till the mouth at the Gulf of Mexico. This river is famous for the southern port of Louisiana that is used for shipping over 500 million tons of goods every year. Your journey to this Mississippi River would be one of the best adventures of your life.  You will see cities like St. Francisville, Plaquemine, and Baton Rouge on your way to crossing the river.

Horace Wilkinson Bridge

We just said Mississippi River supports tens or hundreds of bridges from its starting to the mouth at the Gulf of Mexico. Horace Wilkinson Bridge is one of the bridges located in the Baton Rouge. It is one of the spectacular bridges that come along your way to the river. While crossing the Mississippi River, you will also come across a bridge called cantilever bridge; this is the highest bridge while crossing other bridges of the Mississippi River. This bridge has six lanes in the traffic to cross it. Horace Wilkinson Bridge has been named after Horace Wilkinson. He served the state for almost 54 years. If you love to shoot beautiful pictures of yours, this is a perfect place with a nice backdrop.

Melrose Plantation

The Melrose Plantation is located in Natchitoches. It was initially, called as Yucca Plantation. Originally this area belonged to Marie-Thérèse and Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer. Yucca House was built by these great people in the year 1790s. At the end of this century, this place became the home of the family of John Hampton, Henry where he lived with his wife, Mrs. Camie Henry expanded this garden and made efforts to conserve this building. Some professional writers and painters met Mrs. Camie at Melrose for some years to get information about the rich history of this place.

French Quarter

The French Quarter located in New Orleans is one of the oldest sections of New Orleans that is well-known for the artistic buildings that are over 300 years old. These buildings have balconies made from wrought iron. This place is considered as one of the finest places to visit in New Orleans when visiting Louisiana. If you love to listen to Jazz Music, then you must visit here to have full-filled vacations. There are restaurants, shopping stores, coffee and tea cafes, and many more places of entertainment.

Rosedown Plantation and Gardens

This Rosedown Plantation and Gardens is one of the Historic Site of the state. This place is best known for preserving domestic plantations of the southern Louisiana. This site will show you a glimpse of the estate, lifestyle of the owners and the slave from the 19th century who lived in the Southern Louisiana. There are camellias, rare shrubs, and azaleas, along with the ground. This place was built by Daniel and Martha Turnbull, in the year 1835. This family ruled this place for over 120 years.

Louis Cathedral

The St. Louis Cathedral is located in French Quarter, New Orleans and is one of the best sites of attractions of the New Orleans and the entire state as well as the whole of Louisiana. This St. Louis Cathedral is situated in front of the Jackson Square. This place shares a rich history that is more than 300 years old.  Many times, its building has been renovated to attract tourist’s attention.

Above are top 10 places to visit in Louisiana. Hopefully, you will find these sites attractive and plan to include them in your travel package to Louisiana.

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