Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Kansas

Kansas is one of the leading sites of attractions for the tourists who want to travel to one of the beautiful states of the United States. It is also known by the name of the “The Sunflower State.”

If you want to travel to a spectacular state of the United States, then Kansas should be your only choice. You would find yourself amazed after visiting beautiful places in this state.

This state is full of pleasant places that would encourage you to stay for 10-15 days here. Let us now look at top 10 locations that you must visit while planning to travel to Kansas:

Botanica, Wichita Gardens

This Botanica Garden is widely spread across the 5-acre land. It is a theme-based garden that is open for public round the year. This garden displays many artifacts and keeps changing them on a seasonal basis. There are some of the best sites of attractions of this garden like aquatic animals, woodland glade, unique garden for children, butterfly garden, rose garden and much more.

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area is one of the largest wildlife areas in the states of the United States. You can find millions of migrating birds here. This area is a home to animals like raccoons, turtles, beavers, and snakes. It is one of the ideal wildlife watching spots that tourist love to pay a visit to. There is a trail for walking tours and is a perfect place for people who love to have a glimpse of the natural beauty of the state.

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill

The Drinkwater & Schriver Mill is one of the demanding landmarks of people who come to visit It is situated in Cedar Point based in Kansas State. It is one of the favorite spots of the tourists since 1875. The building of this Drinkwater and Schriver Mill was completed in 1875. Both the rivers and the Mill will take you closer to the history of the Americans who lived during that time. This Mill is under renovation to attract more tourists and hence gain more popularity.

Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home

If you love to get knowledge about the rich history of Eisenhower, you can visit this Eisenhower Presidential Library and read about them in books. The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum is located in Abilene. This place is spread across 22 acres of land and contains five buildings. This Eisenhower Home was the of the home of the parents of Eisenhower. Eisenhower parents lived here with their six boys. There is a separate place for Meditation that was built in the year 1966, before the death of Mrs. Eisenhower. Museum will display the items used by the President Dwight D Eisenhower in his boyhood.

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks is also known by the name of “The Chalk Pyramids”. The name given to this Natural Landmark is due to the presence of a large number of chalk formations. The amazing structures of this monument look mesmerizing. These formations are as long as 70 ft. You may get a chance to see embedded sea life in the chalk formations. There is a ‘Keyhole’ in the monument that must be seen to enjoy a perfect sunset. You can also visit a Keystone Gallery. This gallery gets power from natural sources like sun and wind. If you love geography, visit this place to embrace your love.

Mushroom Rock, Mushroom Rock State Park.

As the name of this place, Mushroom Rock State Park has amazing formations, hoodoos. Hoodoos are the stunning rock formations that would leave you stunned by its creativity. This is a spectacular place where you will see rock formations created by the rocks generated from unwanted erosions and weather conditions. Rocks formed from such situation look similar to the shape of mushrooms and hence the name. This is one of the beautiful places of Kansas and has been declared as the ‘Eight Wonders of Kansas ‘

Spencer Museum of Art

The Spencer Museum of Art is a part of the University of Kansas located in Lawrence houses. This Art Museum displays collections of thousands of artifacts. All of these artworks present the rich history of the European and American culture that went from ancient to contemporary times. Artworks include some of the prominent holdings of East Asian art. The gallery was refurbished to showcase modern and contemporary art culture to the visitors. This Art Museum has artworks related to medieval art; paintings from European and American culture, sculptures and photography; and much more.

The Sauer Castle

This Sauer Castle is located in the Kansas City and has been designed keeping gothic-style in view. This mansion was the home to most of the generations of the Sauer family. This place is open for public so you can take a walk of this mansion quickly. See how rich people of the Sauer family lived here. There are many histories connected to this mansion, and this is the main reason to why it is considered as one of the haunted places of the Kansas City. This mansion was famous for the disease, many past disasters like suicide, and – more of a recent – vandalism.  This mansion needs renovation to attract more tourists’ base. Besides the haunted nature of this mansion, its architecture and designing are gorgeous. This place has beautiful grounds that must be visited while traveling to the Kansas state.

Waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing

The Waterfall is one of the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from the Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area. This area is well-known for the Waterfall. Although this waterfall area is not known to most of the tourists, it serves as one of the local sites of attractions for the localities who come here for fishing, canoeing, and hiking. Waterfall here is 60 ft wide. Pillsbury Crossings is a river crossing that has very low level of water. It is a perfect location for relaxing and spending some quality time with your family. You must pay a visit to this place during the summer season. Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area is widely spread across 59 acres of land and has various entertaining sports like rock climbing, hiking, and canoeing. If you are fortunate enough, you may get a chance to see wildlife animals like beavers and herons.

Wetlands near Lawrence

Wetlands are one of the homes to a large number of animals, birds, and plants. This place is managed by the Baker University. This university uses this Wetland to impart quality education to the students. The main area of interest here is biodiversity. The students get to know a lot about the biodiversity. The Baker University is planning to expand this area and make sure that the land is conserved. On reaching this place, you will get a chance to visit the Discovery Centre that provides information on how to conserve the land, wildlife, and the history of this area.

Above are top 10 places to visit in Kansas. Hopefully, you will find these sites attractive and plan to include them in your travel package to Kansas.

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