Top 10 Must to Visit Places in Tennessee

The American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge

This stunning American Museum of Science and Energy displays historical concepts and technologies that lead to the development of Nuclear energy. When you visit this fascinating Museum, you will see how the state contributed to the development of nuclear bomb and worked on a favorite project called Manhattan Project. There are displays in the form of videos, pictures, documentaries, and other modes where you can learn how nuclear energy evolved over a period of time. There are other displays showcasing defense and other weapons used during that time.

Dollywood Theme Park, Pigeon Forge

Dollywood is one of the favorite destinations of tourists who visit Tennessee. If you are traveling to Tennessee with your family and kids, do not miss the chance to visit this Themed Park. This Park has been named after Dolly Parton, a well-renowned singer of the country. It has been reported that more than 3 million tourists visit this park every year and this is the main reason to why the park is recommended to visit while visiting Tennessee. This always-busy theme park has more of fun and recreational activities that won’t let you get bored.

Downtown, Knoxville

Downtown is one of the secret places of attractions that will give you multiple opportunities to involve yourself in outdoor and other fun-to-do activities. There are over 60 historical buildings that will remind you of the Americans who lived during that time. Music Lovers can take a musical tour to make their trip to Tennessee, one of the best trips of their lives. There are office buildings, banks, offices, and other commercial offices that will leave you stunned when you reach here.

Gatlinburg, Sevier County

If you are planning to travel to Tennessee in the winter season; you must visit this place called Gatlinburg. One of the most beautiful and appealing Mountain resort town that has attracted a major portion of the tourist’s base in the winters. Visiting this city between the months of the November and February would be unique experiences that you can ever have in your lifetime. You must visit downtown Parkway from Gatlinburg to see How amazing the LED lightening scenes can be?

Museum of Appalachia, Norris

Museum of Appalachia is one of the historical Museums that reflect the Appalachian culture of the southern Appalachia who lived during the 20th century. Today, this Museum is an affiliate museum of Smithsonian Institution. Widely spread in the area of over 63 acres of land, this museum is a historical landmark containing artistic collections, performances given by the musicians, crafts, and many other things to attract tourists every year. There are many hands-on activities like farming. You can engage yourself in these activities and keep yourself involved throughout the day. When you plan to visit this Museum, try to book your tickets at the time of Tennessee Fall Homecoming festival that is organized in October.

The Parthenon Art Museum, Nashville

The Parthenon Art Museum is the duplicate version of the Parthenon Temple located in Athens, Greece. This Replica version of the temple was constructed in the year 1897. This Art Museum is one of the demanding spots of the tourists who visit Centennial Park. Your trip to Tennessee won’t be counted as a complete one if you forget to pay a visit to this Museum.  The Parthenon made of cement has never failed to impress its visitors with its immense internal and external beauty.

The Hermitage, Davidson County

One of the Historical Museums located in Davidson County. This Museum is located 16kms to the eastern Nashville.  The 7th President of the US, Andrew Jackson owned Hermitage Plantation from the year 1804 until death in the year 1845. He took retirement from his public life in the year 1837 and started living at this place on an occasional basis. This Plantation and Museum of Andrew Jackson has been listed under the National Historical landmarks of the state. The major places of the visit inside this place are the garden, and the tombs were both the Andrew Jackson and his loving wife rested after their deaths.

The Titanic Museum, Pigeon Forge

The Titanium Museum will remind you the giant Ship “Titanic” that sank into the sea. This Titanic Museum located in Pigeon Forge resembles half of the ship. Very close to Dollywood so you can plan to travel to both of these places in a single day only. There are more than 400 artifacts related to the ship widely distributed between 20 galleries. When you enter this Museum, you will feel as if, you are inside the Titanic ship only. You can go on a self-guided tour and explore this Museum to its full extent.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Chattanooga

TVRM, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum located in Chattanooga was incorporated in the year 1960 as a part of National Historical Society of the American Railways. This Railroad museum founded by the leaders of Paul H. Merriman, Robert M. Soule, and a group of other local officials working with railway with an aim to preserve the steam locomotives and the equipment for the future generations to come. Today Tennessee Valley Railroad museum is offering freight forwarding services to the localities. Tourists can take a tour of this train driven by steam locomotives without any hassle. If you want to experience that golden era of railroading, plan a rail tour and feel the difference.

The Lost Sea Adventure, Sweetwater

If you want to start with an adventurous trip that you will never forget then it is better to start your travel to Tennessee with The Lost Sea Adventure in Sweetwater. You might not have heard about any place like this never before. There are caverns, underground lakes, and other guided tours that would leave you captive when you reach this place. Although 1 ½ hour tour, you can extend it to have endless fun.

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