20 Natural Home Remedies for Abortion to End a Pregnancy

How to End an Unwanted Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most delightful experience for a mother and the happiest news to share with her partner. A couple can cherish the moment when the positive result of pregnancy is detected only if they have planned a baby and all set to step ahead in parenthood.

Despite being careful and using all the safety precautions, accidental pregnancies are faced by most of the people. Though emotionally it is a tough decision for a couple to opt for abortion if you have finalized your showdown, it is better to take up the curing methods in initial stages than to regret later.

It is always advisable to follow home remedies for abortion than to go with medical proceedings because the surgical treatments always follow up with some or other side effects.

This piece of writing avails you with best ways to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.

Effective Homemade Abortion Methods:

If you adopt the below-mentioned remedies for abortion at the right time and in a right way of conduct, these will give you the desired results without any complications. The process must be carried out before the completion of 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Food and Herbs that Helps You with Abortion: 

Cinnamon to Terminate a Pregnancy at Home:

Cinnamon is a spice that adds great taste to your cooking. It is an essential ingredient that is used to relieve the pain before delivery and also helps you in abortion. For abortion, it needs to be consumed in high dose.


To get the abortion successfully done with the help of cinnamon you should use it directly in the raw form without involving any cooking process.

  • Consume the Cinnamon in the dry powdered form followed by drinking of water.
  • It can also be taken in the shape of supplement that is readily available on the market.

Consumption in the shape of the supplement is safe because it is packaged in the right quantity.

* Note:

  • Cinnamon is also of significant help post-abortion as it helps in healing and control excessive bleeding.
  • Never go for extreme dosages, it may have side effects.

Papaya to Abort a Baby Naturally at Home:

Papaya is the yummy fruit, and it’s good for health. Eating papaya has several health benefits. The fruit is rich in fiber, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin E and many more essential minerals.

Papaya is age old home remedy recommended for abortion. Oxytocin and Prostaglandin are the two essential elements present in papaya. These phytochemicals are responsible for initiating the abortion.

Any food consisting Prostaglandin and Oxytocin are to be avoided during pregnancy, or the other way out you can use it for abortion.


Consumption of papaya in any format ripped, unripe or the green papaya. It can help you with abortion.

Goji Berry to have an Abortion at Home:

Goji Berry is used as Chinese medicinal plant. Every part of the plant including its bark, leaves, and fruit has medicinal properties.

This fruit has good nutritional value. 10g consumption of goji berry throughout the pregnancy is beneficial due to the presence of minerals, vitamins, zinc, omega, calcium and many more elements that are good for health.

However more than 10g consumption of goji berry causes contractions in uterine resulting in abortion.

Sesame Seeds to Kill a Fetus at Home:

Use of Sesame seeds is a highly effective home remedy to initialize abortion.


Sesame seeds can be taken in following ways to avail abortion naturally.

  • Soak a handful of sesame seeds in a glass of water. Let them rest in water overnight. Drink this water as your first thing in the morning.
  • Fry the sesame seeds. Mix them in a large teaspoonful of honey and eat it.
  • Including sesame seeds in your food items on a daily basis can also help you to achieve the desired results.

Pineapples for Abortion:

Pineapples are the most efficient, safe and a home remedy for abortion that has no side effects on a mother’s health.

Pineapples consist of an enzyme known as bromelain. This enzyme is responsible for weakening the walls of the cervix which in turn results in miscarriage.


  • Eating a bowl full of freshly chopped pineapple on a regular basis after conceiving, is the best way to remove the unwanted pregnancy.
  • The other way out is to peel of the pineapple and extract its juice by adding a little water to it. A glass of pineapple juice daily is best and a tastier way to get the abortion done.

Vitamin C to End Early Pregnancy:

Vitamin C plays a significant role in controlling the critical sexual hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It reduces the stimulation of progesterone and increases the growth of estrogen. Progesterone is responsible for fertilization in females and estrogen for the menstrual cycles.

Thus, increased estrogen count exhibits menstruation resulting in abortion.


  • Consumption of vitamin C should rightly begin immediately after the pregnancy test is positive.
  • Intake of vitamin C readily terminates the pregnancy within initial six weeks.
  • The quantity of vitamin C suggested for abortion is minimum 10 to 12 grams on a daily basis.
  • It is a fast process, and you will start bleeding in primary three days of following the remedy.

Parsley for Natural Abortion:

Parsley is highly recommended for a natural miscarriage. It can be taken orally or inserted into the body.


  • Boil two cups of water. Remove it from heat and add parsley to it. Keep it immersed for 20 minutes. Sieve the content and drink the full water day in small portions.
  • Get some fresh parsley and insert it into your body through the vagina and keep changing it every 12 hours.

Blueberry Root to Abort Pregnancy Naturally:

Blueberry Root commonly known as Blue Cohosh, is an incredibly vigorous and advisable natural herb that helps with several prevailing female health issues. It is a powerful home remedy used for abortion.


Make a thin paste of black or blue cohosh. Consume it with water or honey regularly. It stimulates abortion due to its ability to enhance bleeding.

Chinese Angelica for Abortion at Home:

Chinese Angelica or Angelica Sinensis is an ancient herb that consists of essential oils required to relax the uterus and hence exhibit bleeding.


  • Dry these herbs and convert it into powdered form.
  • Mix the powder in a cup of lukewarm water and drink the mixture. Have it minimum four times in a day to get the desired results.
  • Note:

Roots and oils of Angelica Sinensis should not be consumed orally. It is not recommended for oral consumption.

Red Cohosh for Natural Abortion:

Red cohosh is a natural herb that is responsible for initiating the abortion process, if not completely make you achieve the abortion. The use of Red Cohosh for abortion process is followed by some temporary after effects like diarrhea, vomiting, unconsciousness, etc.


Consumption of red cohosh on a daily basis make your uterus weak and hence ready for an abortion.

Banana Leaves a Natural Remedy for Abortion:

Banana leaves if mixed with Acacia pods provide you with a good way to get off your unwanted pregnancy.


  • Mix the equal quantities of unripe Acacia pods and shoots of banana leaves.
  • Dry these leaves and make a powder out of it.
  • Mix this powder with equal ratios of sugar. Now, one teaspoon of the product should be diluted with a glass of water and consumed daily.
  • The remedy should be followed until the initiation of the periods.

Chamomile Tea to Abort Pregnancy:

Chamomile tea is good for a pregnant woman to consume regularly. But it should be taken in small quantity. But if you increase the intake of chamomile tea, it will help you through abortion.


  • Take dried leaves of chamomile tea. Around two or three teaspoons.
  • Add this tea leaves to a cup of hot water and allow it to rest for some time.
  • Then sieve it and drink. To get your targeted results consume it minimum thrice daily.

Squaw Mint or Pennyroyal Herbs:

These herbs are very helpful to initiate abortion naturally. You should consume this herb orally. Consumption of this herb induces the contraction in the uterus and thus leads to abortion.


  • This herb is available in the form of tea, oils and the form of pills.
  • To achieve the abortion, consume 3 to 6 pills with milk or water daily.
  • If you prefer to intake it in the form of oil or tea then just have 20 to 40 drops and not more than that.

* Note: Do Not insert the herb internally, it may prove fatal.

Over dosage is not advisable, it may have several ill effects.

It is not suggested for the women suffering from any urinary disorders.

Mugwort Leaves a Natural Abortion Method:

It is yet another herb that is used for getting the abortion done naturally.


  • Take some dry leaves of Mugwort and grind it to convert in powdered form.
  • Add this powder to hot water and allow it to rest for around 10 minutes.
  • Drain and drink the liquid. It should be consumed 3 to 4 cups in a day to achieve the abortion naturally.
  1. IIPhysical Activities leading to abortion:

A pregnant woman is advised to keep a check on her physical activities, especially in first twelve weeks. Though the care is to be taken throughout the pregnancy period, yet initial three months are crucial. If you and your partner are not yet prepared for the child yet and want to abort the fetus by adopting natural ways, then follow the below-mentioned tricks.

Exercises to End Unwanted Pregnancy:

Gymming, cardiovascular activities, and other heavy exercises should not be taken up in initial months of pregnancy. Though you can take up with aerobic and cardio exercises in final stages of pregnancy period to achieve a smoother delivery.

But if you are planning the abortion, then include jumping, jogging, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming and other such activities in your day to day routine to get the abortion done naturally.


Everyone seeks sexual intimacy, which is hard to resist during initial pregnancy period. But practicing sex during pregnancy is not recommended.

If you are planning to go for abortion, then this is a natural remedy that can help you get the needful. Go for the sexual intercourse in the initial weeks of pregnancy. The regular orgasm in the women leads to the abortion automatically.


Massage is a very easing and relaxing activity that relieves your body completely. But abdominal massage during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Now, if you are pregnant and searching for natural ways to end it, then massage is one recommendable activity to opt for.


  • Take any oil and massage regularly around your abdomen during your initial trimester.
  • The direction of the message should be kept downwards which will release the fetus, resulting in abortion.
  • Massage with pressure in the areas around pelvic bone following the same downward direction.

Hot Water for Natural Abortion:

Hot water is available all time at your home. It is also a helpful substance to fulfill your desire to achieve natural abortion:


  • Take hot water bath or hot water shower on a regular basis.
  • Inducing the hot water in vagina also leads to abortion.

Laxatives to Get the Abortion Done:

Use of laxatives leads to an upset stomach. It is an effective way that can be followed at home to get the abortion done.


  • Include the intake of laxatives in your daily schedule.
  • It will lead to increased stomach problem, and your belly conditions will not be favorable for the growth of fetus leading to the abortion naturally.

Aspirin Pills to End Unwanted Pregnancy:

Consumption of Aspirin is highly banned for a safe and successful pregnancy. If you want an abortion for the unwanted pregnancy then here is a way out for you.


Ensure the consumption of Aspirin pills, around 5 to 6 each day between initial 2 to 8 weeks of pregnancy along with the inclusion of warm ingredients such as Ginger, Cinnamon, coffee, figs, etc. It will help you to abort your child.

The methods mentioned above are advisable home remedies to achieve natural abortion, but you should consult the doctor to check the quantity that shall be consumed safely especially in the case of natural herbs to avoid any complications in future. Because Overdosage of certain herbs may lead to severe problems in conceiving later.

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